METAMORF... The Best Deal for You!

To take advantage of everything that META Modern Health has to offer and to give you the best path to the physique you've always wanted, we created METAMORF. This is our all-inclusive, comprehensive monthly membership program which includes tailored training programs, custom meal and supplement plans, access to all META group and X-Factor classes, coached training sessions, open gym access, METAMORF seminars, and progress tracking - all to make sure you stay on track and on target to your goals, which we call the METAMORF ZONE.


Personal training, but better! Each month after you're assessment and reassessment is completed you will be given a written program that is designed and tailored specifically for your workouts; weight training and cardio. This includes time with your coach, required group and X-Factor classes, and training you can do outside of these times during open gym hours.


Y'gotta' eat, right? Well, maybe you're not eating the right stuff for desired results? That's okay cuz' META can help! Each month in addition to your training program, you will be given a nutritional program laying out what to eat to compliment all your effort towards effectively burning body fat and fueling lean muscle growth.


Training - check. Nutrition - check. So, what's next? Supplement support! You will be given recommendations on supplements to take that will help your body and metabolism work at peak efficiency. Supplements are crucial to support all of the training you'll be doing and your new eating habits by helping boost your metabolism, optimize recovery, and more!


META offers METAMORF members unlimited group classes which are also written into your training program. Classes include Primal for Men, Train Like Jane for Women, our coed Dynamic 25, and our four X-Factor classes: Abs, Arms, Shoulders, and Booty.


This is time for you to train with your tailored METAMORF program. The great thing about these sessions is that no matter what your program design, there is a META coach on hand to help you train and to answer questions for you and others in the program. Think of it like "study hall" in high school, but for working out!


This is just what it sounds like. You will be free to come into META anytime while we're open and use any of the equipment that's not in use for a class or other's personal training. Follow your program, go for a run, try something new... it's your call during this time. Think of it like "recess with a purpose!"


These are monthly seminars that will continue to educate you on training, nutrition, and more. These seminars are the mortar that connect everything in this program together - all of your training, nutrition, supplementation, and so on. As your body changes; as you work out and eat better, we will keep you informed. Understanding it all helps make sense of what you're doing and is essential to developing new, good habits while ditching old, bad ones.


THIS is what makes it all work. After you initial assessment, your coach will work with you and follow your progress through specific tracking criteria. As you progress, your plan is adjusted so you know exactly what to work on and the reason for those changes. We take initial photos of you and new ones at each benchmark to show results and areas of improvement. These photos stay private with us and are never shared unless you agree to do so.


As a bonus part of your membership you will receive 10% off Prefix Nutrition Supplements to help make filling those recommendations easy. Along with this standard discount, we offer different promotions now and then for members joining METAMORF, which might include free Infrared Sauna time or Acupuncture or other treatments and therapies.

Let us know what META programs interest you and in return, you'll receive our FREE METALOSS: 5-Day Fat Loss Guide to jumpstart your transformation!

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