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What is MetaMorf?

MetaMorf is a comprehensive personal training program designed for you and you alone. It is different than other gym programs and diets because of some very specific things it "is" and "isn't." MetaMorf is a membership. It is a commitment by you to put in the work. It is a safe way to burn fat and gain lean muscle. It is perfectly paced based on science and how your body works and processes everything. Is it fast? It is optimized. This means our program gets you eating the right foods, doing the right workouts, and all at the right times to get your metabolism dialed up to optimally burn body fat and create lean muscle mass.

Is MetaMorf a diet?

It is not dieting. Diet is a tricky word because it is something good and bad when discussed. You need a healthy diet, but you don't want to "diet." Diets don't really work and for several reasons. They can be unqualified, frivolous, unhealthy, untested, or all of these combined. They can starve you, deprive and deplete you of necessary nutrients, overfill you with unbalanced amounts of nutrients, or do the opposite of their marketed intention and simply make you fatter. In the end, and they always have an "end," they leave you uneducated, undisciplined, and unaware of how to actually keep off any weight you may have lost.

What MetaMorf gives you is Nutrition Planning. We plan out what your meals will consist of, when to eat them, and teach you how they interact with the workouts we have designed. There are different body types and each person is different, so a blanket diet is never right for you, but a tailored and healthy food plan paired with specific training will get you lasting results. Through this membership and over the full year you will be armed with training and good habits and a comprehensive understanding that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Master Cleanse, Ovo/Ovo-Lacto Vegetarianism, Sugar Busters, Juice Fasting, Hay Diet, The Hacker's Diet, Morning Banana Diet, Low Fat Diet, Raw Foodism, Low Carb Diet, Gluten Free Diet, Low Sodium Diet, and all the rest are all Fails. Even though some of these might have parts of them that sound "accurate" and seem to work for some people, you're not getting the whole story.

How is MetaMorf better than a typical gym membership?

This is in line with why gym memberships go unused once they are purchased. You are toured on the amazing facilities and shown the beautiful expensive equipment, but once they have your money you are left to either fend for yourself and learn how to use all that equipment or pay an absolute fortune for a few personal training sessions. All of this is based on an initial conversation that mixes financial obligation with some of your body stats. They also might have a "juice bar" of food counter with items for sale, but how do you know what is good to eat and drink? How does it interact with your workout? This is a HUGE problem.

META has the solution and it's called MetaMorf. We definitely do show you our facility. We do have the nice new equipment. And we do sign you up for our membership. BUT here's where it gets different and better for you. Once you sign up, we schedule an assessment, a comprehensive assessment, including all aspects of your life. Yes, ALL. Knowing this information about you is important because we then craft a nutrition and workout plan for you and just you based on all facets of your lifestyle and activities.

What if I'm not doing things right?

You're never really alone at META. We don't abandon you. This is why MetaMorf is a program and a membership. You are with us for at least one year. During your membership you will get a special mix of group coached training sessions, some targeted group classes, a customized personal training program that evolves with you as your body changes, workouts that include weight training cardio training, a personalized nutrition program that evolves with your development, progress tracking through body fat readings and photos, and supplement recommendations (along with a 10% discount on all supplements purchased at META).

Why is MetaMorf legit?

Our program is qualified. Dusten Nelson is the founder of META and has decades of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength coach, nutritionist, gym owner, and fitness model. He is degreed in Chinese Medicine, certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy, and a current WBFF Pro Male Fitness Model. He is also sponsored by Optimum Nutrition. He has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of how the body works with foods, supplements, training, and treatments. His experience, knowledge, and understanding all combined are the foundation of META and the MetaMorf program. He has proven time and time again that his program is the most effective, safest, and realistically fastest possible way to lose unwanted body fat while gaining lean muscle mass and getting healthier and stronger throughout the process.

Will MetaMorf break my bank?

This does NOT cost a fortune. In fact, our MetaMorf program is so affordable that it ends up costing less than the price of an average personal training session per week. You will easily save over $1200 each month of this membership. If you've given up on losing weight or being active again, then MetaMorf is for you. If you're athletic and want to take it to the next level, then MetaMorf is for you. If you refuse to try one more diet but have no clue what to do - this program is for you. If you want to lose that post-pregnancy weight - MetaMorf is for you. If you think you know what you're doing, but just cannot get in shape, then it's time for you to join MetaMorf.

How difficult is MetaMorf, really?

Dusten sums all of this into these words... words to live by: Science + Effort = Results. We supply the science; the knowledge; the years of experience and how it all works together so you don't have to wonder or worry about anything. You supply the effort. You just show up on time and do the work, follow the program, and do the training as instructed. Together we will all see the results... YOUR results. And those results are going to be AMAZING!

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It's not about will-power. It's not about excuses. It's not impossible, but it IS a choice... a decision. If you don't recognize yourself in the mirror anymore or just can't get rid of those love handles, then it's time to decide and commit to MetaMorf. Now, trust us, the next step is easy.


Join us. Join others like you. Join a movement of people changing their lives. Join MetaMorf Now and get this unprecedented collection of services at an unbelievable price and join the ranks of body transformation success stories. Now comes the 'heart' part.


It's time do the work. Put your heart into it. Give it your all and you'll get leaner, healthier, and stronger without wondering if you're doing things right or wrong. The guesswork's gone, so all you gotta' do is show up and do the work. Now, we've saved the best for last!


You've done everything right and the best you can. So, the only thing left is to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Enjoy it all... your daily successes and how healthy you feel. Enjoy every minute you spend working out because you know it HAS, DOES, and WILL continue to pay off huge! Enjoy the new you... you've earned it!